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Are you being sued for an old credit card debt? Or a student loan? Or car, home or other finance loan? Have you been harassed by a bill collector? You may have a legal defense to these types of collection lawsuits. You may even have a claim under one of the state or federal consumer protection laws, such as the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. Click HERE for more information.

Are you being charged with a crime? Or is your drivers’ license threatened because of a DWI charge or speeding ticket you received? I have work in the criminal justice system for 22 years, handling charges ranging from speeding and other misdemeanors, to serious felonies including murder. My four years as an elected prosecuting attorney, and specialized training including attending Gerry Spence’s Trial Lawyers’ College, provide a unique insight into defending criminal charges. Click HERE for more information.

Are you disabled and cannot work, but the Social Security Adminstration or private insurance (ERISA) plan has denied your claim for benefits? Click HERE for more information.

Scheiderer Law Firm, LC is a civil and criminal trial firm focused on protecting the rights of Missouri residents.  North Central Missouri is my home, it is where I grew up and where our family farm is located.  I represent farmers, families and small business owners in all manner of legal issues and disputes, including family law matters, name change, adoption, estate planning and probate, guardianship and conservatorship matters, real estate transactions, commercial disputes, etc.  I also represent individuals in Social Security Disability appeals, insurance claims, and consumer law claims.

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We are ready to help you today.  Contact us for a free initial consultation. My firm represents clients from all regions in the State of Missouri.  I am especially interested in serving the needs of clients outside of the large metropolitan areas of Kansas City and St. Louis.  I represent clients in Randolph, Chariton, Linn, Macon, Carroll, Saline, Howard, and Monroe Counties, and all surrounding communities.  I will also take selected cases in other out-state areas that represent rural and small town Missouri. Call today for an appointment or consultation at (660) 388-6080.

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