Updated spreadsheet with Missouri Medical Malpractice caps is available

Governor Nixon signed Senate Bill 239 which established certain caps on non-economic damages which can be awarded by Missouri courts in medical malpractice claims. The caps start out at $400,000, or $700,000 for a catastrophic injury or death, with a yearly inflationary adjustment. The new law takes effect August 28, 2015.

S.B. 239 2015 Truly Agreed and Passed

The updated spreadsheet also contains current information on Missouri medical record copy costs and mileage allowances that may be of assistance to Missouri lawyers with cases in litigation:

Caps and Fees Spreadsheet mid-2015

The Scheiderer Law Firm, LC, located Moberly, Missouri, does not handle medical malpractice claims. We depend on good working relationships with local health care provides to assist our clients with accident claims, workers’ compensation claims, and Social Security disability applications.

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