Missouri Tax Amnesty program currently underway….

Quick tip to avoid legal problems with unpaid state taxes: the Missouri legislature passed a bill this year that will allow people with unpaid taxes to pay the balance without interest or penalties. From the Missouri Department of Revenue website:

“As authorized by House Bill 384, Missouri will offer a tax amnesty from Sept. 1, 2015 to Nov. 30, 2015. The tax amnesty provides individuals and businesses with a one-time opportunity to pay back taxes that were due prior to Dec. 31, 2014 without having to pay interest or penalties. . . . Tax types that are amnesty eligible include individual income tax, corporate income tax, corporate franchise tax, employer withholding tax, sales tax, consumer’s use tax, vendor’s use tax and fiduciary tax. . . . For more information about the tax amnesty and to obtain an application online, visit dor.mo.gov or call 573-751-7200.”

Bryan Scheiderer is a Moberly, Missouri, attorney who can help those facing criminal and administrative legal penalties for failure to pay state taxes.

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